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whose purpose is to carry small objects

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20th Century Beaded Bags

20th Century Beaded Bags

About Collecting Purses

inspiring designs ... what collecting is all about ... it doesn't need to be rare or expensive ... just something that you like.

collecting purses has some advantages ... one of the most important being size ... they are portable ... they are small .... they have history .

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1918 Miner’s Wife’s Purse from Arizona

1918 Miner’s Wife’s Purse from Arizona

A Journey into Purse Collecting

before I was a collector …

 While on my honeymoon in 1969, I found an interesting purse in a shop in Bisbee, Arizona, an old mining town. That was the first purse I purchased that I never intended to use.

Years  later (1980's) I began going to antique shows in search of interesting objects to use in my handmade jewelry. I also found purses too nice to recycle and too inexpensive to ignore. 

In 2012 I joined the Antique Purse Collectors Society, and created my first Purse Museum website. 

Vicki Schwager

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Purses: More Than Fashion

World events, social norms, and new inventions all influence purse design

Collecting purses is a passion!

Little Girls Grow Up

Little Girls Grow Up

Yes.. this is me with my Mom’s 1950’s lucite purse.

I didn’t know then, in my childhood dress up days, that I would grow up to collect antique purses. 

Vicki Schwager owner/collector